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Jean-Yves Ferrand

💡 Research Nurse Coordinator, Clinical and Epidemiological Investigation Center

📞 +352 26970-933

📧 Jean-Yves.Ferrand@lih.lu


Jean-Yves comes from Belgium, where he also received his nurse certificate in 2000. Throughout the following years, Jean-Yves gathered extensive fieldwork experience in the following hospital care units: oncology, neuro-pulmonology, haemodialysis, intensive care, emergency care, dermatology, urology…
Due to a motorcycle accident in 2005, Jean-Yves suffered major injuries that forced him to change his professional path. Therefore, he received a diploma in community health nursing, followed by a Master of Science in Public Health, accomplished at the University of Liège (Belgium).
In 2011, Jean-Yves joined the CIEC at the Luxembourg Institute of Health, where he worked as a research nurse. Part of his job lies in collaborating with the CRAs. Here he organises pharmaceutical and academic studies as well as patient visits. These studies range from various medical fields such as oncology, infectious diseases, pulmonology, allergology, orthopaedic, medical device, nutrition, public health and so on.
In 2013, Jean-Yves specialised further and followed a DIU FARC-TEC at the University P. M. Curie.
In 2017, Jean-Yves was promoted research nurse coordinator, the position he still carries out today. 

Main activities

• Research nurse team management
• Coordination and organization of research protocols (pharmaceutical and academic projects)
• Responsible for material and hygiene within CIEC
• Implementation of data security and quality measures
• Implementation of staff security procedures
• Field coordination for the NCER-Parkinson’s Disease project : Recruitment management (especially for Non-Parkinson participants), visit management (research nurse allocation and participants), and to ensure the quality of data collection and data entry at CIEC
• Carrying out study visits (both for patients and healthy participants)
• Coordination of newcomers as well as numerous students at CIEC
• Engaged in the visibility activities to promote clinical research, CIEC as well as LIH in both Luxembourg and abroad



Graziella Ambroset

💡 Research Nurse

📞 +352 26970-765

📧 Graziella.Ambroset@lih.lu


Jérôme Graas

💡 Research Nurse

📞 +352 26970-808

📧 Jerome.Graas@lih.lu


Guilherme Marques

💡 Research Nurse

📞 +352 26970-821

📧 guilherme.marques@lih.lu


Victoria Lorentz

💡 Research Nurse

📞 +352 621737773

📧 Victoria.Lorentz@lih.lu


Daniela Valoura Esteves

💡 Clinical Research Associate

📞 +352 26970-806

📧 Daniela.ValouraEsteves@lih.lu



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