Competence Center for Methodology and Statistics (CCMS)

Developing “LIH’s Clinical Research expertise”, the Competence Center for Methodology and Statistics (CCMS) and the Clinical and Epidemiological Investigation Centre (CIEC) aim at supporting LIH research units, other national research institutions, international academia and pharmaceutical industry players, providing them with high quality clinical methodology and statistical services and effective operational support. The CCMS provides methodological support in statistical planning and analysis and data handling as well as offering training in statistics and support in writing papers. In addition it provides consulting services for the pharmaceutical industry, attends Data Safety Monitoring Board worldwide for randomised clinical trials, engages in collaborative research with various external partners for example the WHO and various universities. 

Study chronology



CCMS complementary to CIEC

•  Design and planning before protocol writing

•  Case report form (to collect data) adapted to IT system

•  Follow-up of data collection and monitoring of the study

•  Documentation for regulatory purposes

•  Clinical Data Management:

•  Specific activities to clinical research 

•  Data entry handling (in-house, per internet)

•  Data cleaning